Aftercare, Returns and Repairs

Please note, this aftercare covers nearly all jewellery you may own, and not just our inclusion jewellery. Our jewellery is hardwearing as long as it is looked after, but please consider your inclusion stone to be similar care level to a real pearl or opal.


Chemicals & Oils

Protect your jewellery from harsh chemicals. Household cleaners and many toiletries such as perfume and hand sanitisers contain solvents which will damage or yellow the resin surface. 

Please remove or protect your pieces whenever you may be coming into regular contact with any chemicals including soap, shampoo and cleaning products to keep it looking it's best. 

Please remove your jewellery when applying fake tan, hair dye etc. The resin inclusion stone is pourous and these will drastically affect the colour.

Avoid hand sanitiser from coming into contact with your jewellery. It will tarnish the metal and dull the stone.

Remove your jewellery while doing any strenuous activities including heavy housework, manual jobs or going to the gym.

Heat & Sunlight

Prolonged exposure to extreme heat or sunlight will damage your piece.

Please take care not to leave your piece in vehicles during hot weather and do not leave your jewellery near a hot surface.

Remove when using sunbeds .


Resin is water resistant, but repeat exposure to hot water i.e. showers, baths, washing up etc may cause damage, so please take care not to submerge your piece in hot water repeatedly. 

Cleaning your jewellery.

A soft cloth will polish the resin surface, and a silver polishing cloth will keep your metal looking like new. Do not use abrasives on the resin surface or submerge in jewellery cleaning solution.

Treat your inclusion piece as if it were a precious soft stone such as opal or a pearl and it will remain looking beautiful for years to come.

We recommend washing your piece under warm water with gentle dish soap using an old soft toothbrush at least once a month. Polish your metal using the polishing cloth provided.

Please get in touch if you would like your pieces cleaned and polished professionally by ourselves at any point.

Loose or missing stones

Although every care has been made to set your stones as securely as possible micro pave or bead set stones (which we use in our sparkle range) can come loose. If you do lose a stone these can be replaced.

The biggest reason for stones to come loose from your piece is damage to the supporting metal.

 Please take care not to do anything that may cause your piece to become misshapen.

Accidental hard knocks or dropping your piece on a hard surface may damage the beading holding stones in. This is expected with all pave set jewellery, and is something you should take into consideration when purchasing.

Rings set with pave stones are NOT designed for everyday wear, or for those who lead an active lifestyle. 

If your inclusion stone falls out we will replace this. If you can locate the stone we will simply reset it , if another stone needs to be made you may need to resend your inclusions.

Storing your jewellery.

Please store jewellery in a plastic ziplock bag not in the gift box it came in. Sterling silver can tarnish over timeif not being worn, storing your piece in an airtight container can minimise this.

We are happy to repolish, reglaze and check over all pieces. There may be a fee incurred for this service which is decided on a case by case manner.

Do not sleep whilst wearing your jewellery.

Returns/Repairs/Terms & Conditions.

In the unlikely event you are unhappy with your piece please let us know as soon as possible. 

All jewellery is custom made by hand therefore there are no refunds or exchanges given, but we will offer a remake in a different colour or style if necessary. We will always do our best to work with you to solve any issues. 

In the unlikely event we have made a mistake in the creation of your piece we will offer a remake. We offer a 3 months warranty on our items.

We do our best to send you our highest quality work, if a piece arrives damaged please let us know as soon as possible and we will rectify this.

We will not be held responsible for : 

-Items that have been modified, changed or repaired by anyone other than Cumbria Life Casting.

-Any faults or defects that come from wear and tear, lack of proper care and cleaning, or failure to follow our aftercare instructions.

-Any defects resulting from neglect, accidental damage or misuse. This include rings that have missing accent stones caused by becoming misshapen or bent. If bands have been obviously bent out of shape we will usually replace the setting. This incurs a charge depending on the design.

All pieces that are returned for repair are thoroughly examined for issues and if we consider that our aftercare advise has not been followed we retain the right to charge a nominal fee for repairing your piece back to its original condition.

-Any irregularities in the settlement of inclusions within the resin including any colours, sparkles, shimmers or flecks.

-It is your responsibility to ensure you measure your finger correctly. We will create your ring in the size you require. If your ring size changes we can alter most of our rings. There is a standard £20 resizing fee.

-Our guarantee does not cover jump rings that have opened or necklaces that have snapped. Proper care needs to be taken to ensure the your jewellery is looked after.

-If your piece breaks after 3 months we are happy to repair it, but there may be a nominal cost depending on the damage. Please pop us a polite message through to discuss letting us know as honestly as possible what damage has occured so we know how best to fix it for you. 

-Please be aware that we DO NOT offer to cover return postage after your 3 month warranty period. Most of the repairs we offer will be free, this includes accent stone resetting and refreshing your metal or inclusion stones. We do not offer to cover return postage at any point.

-All jewellery will require some maintenance within its lifetime to ensure it continues to look its best. We are happy to clean, polish, reglaze inclusion stones, reset pave stones and even replate white gold pieces. It is rare we charge for these services, but you may be asked to cover return postage if outside of our warranty period.

-Each piece we make is made carefully by hand, this may mean that there are common irregularities you will see within your piece. There may be makers marks on the metal, air bubbles, mould lines, evidence of hand shaping. Please be aware when purchasing that these are common, your piece is made by hand not machine made. If you see anything that you feel severely detracts from the beauty of your piece please send us an email to discuss. It is important to us that you are happy with your piece and we will do our upmost to ensure this.

-Please also note that we use a jewellery grade crystal resin to make your inclusion pieces. This means that over a number of years your piece may take on an amber hue. This can be accelerated if you do not care for your jewellery as instructed. If your piece takes on a colour you find you do not like we are always happy to refresh and reglaze your jewellery. We use a unique creation technique that ensures if your piece is damaged or takes on an unwelcome hue we can repair this very easily. Please get in touch if you would like us to refresh your piece, there may be a minimal fee involved.

We retain the right to make slight adjustments to any of our designs if we consider this necessary. Pictures shown on our website are examples of pieces we have made but each piece is unique. This means we may not be able to exactly replicate images on our site. By agreeing to our terms and conditions when you purchase you are agreeing to having a personalised, bespoke piece handmade and accept this.

If you have any issues with your piece at all please let us know and we will do our very best to help.

Thank-you for choosing Cumbria Life Casting to create your special piece. We are a small family business and your order means so much to us. Please be assured it was handcrafted with utmost respect, lots of love and soul and we hope it brings comfort and memories for years to come.