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  • How do I place my order and send my inclusions? What happens next?
    Once you place your order through the website we will automatically send out an Inclusion pack. Our packs will contain everything you need to post your inclusions through to our studio, we endeavour to send your pack between 3-7 working days from receiving your order. ​ In your dry inclusion pack (for ashes, locks of hair, fabric etc) you will receive -a small plastic inclusion bag. - a small wooden spoon to help in selecting your dry inclusions. -a self adhesive address label -a copy of your order -some additional paperwork to let us know more about your order -a ring sizer. ​ In your breastmilk inclusion pack you will receive -two labelled breastmilk storage bags -a self adhesive address label -a copy of your order -information on how to correctly package your milk -a ring sizer. These will arrive in a small postal cardboard box which you should open carefully as you can reuse this to post your inclusions back to us. We also include a copy of your order and an additional information sheet to note any details we may need. We ask that you use this sheet to let us know about the person or pets whos ashes are being encapsulated. We treat your ashes with respect, and light a candle as we create. We usually have a little chat and can also play special music if requested. You can also use this sheet to let us know any details about your special inclusions, feel free to tell us about your breastfeeding journey, or tell us more about the inclusions we are working with. All this information helps our creative process. ​ For breastmilk orders once your milk has arrived it is put through a stringent 4-step chemical preservation process which is followed by a dehumidifying and drying process. This cannot be rushed or hurried. ​ Your pack can be returned using the return label included. You will be given a tracking receipt by the post office. Please do not send us the last of your inclusions. Always reserve some just in case. ​ Once we receive your inclusions we will notify you via email. Please check your junk folder if you are expecting any correspondence from us and it hasn't arrived. ​ You can send your inclusions directly to us without a pack. Please place a small amount (see below for more details on amounts) into a suitable container and label these clearly with your name and order number. Don't forget to let us know your ring size if necessary. You can send them as a large letter or signed for due to your own personal preference. ​ Our address is Cumbria Life Casting, Station Road, Silloth, Wigton, Cumbria, CA7 4AE​
  • How long will my order take?
    Pieces are usually finished and returned to you around 10-12 weeks from receiving your inclusions. This may be longer for custom pieces or during particularly busy times. Once we've received your inclusions your order then enters a queue system, and although we will always do our best to reassure you your order is in our queue system we cannot give specific updates as to when it will be finished within our lead time as this is subject to much change. We will have your piece ready as soon as physically possible and will not rush any process as this can be detrimental to our entire system. We do not send individual updates on the progress of your order to maximise the time we have to create. We do send notifications to let you know your inclusions have arrived safely and an additional update to let you know when your items are on the way home to you. If you require your piece for a specific date please ensure you let us know. We will always try to accommodate important sentimental deadlines. This cannot unfortunately be guaranteed. We will send you an email to let you know we have your inclusions safely with us. Please check your junk folder if this hasn't arrived within a reasonable time frame.
  • How much of the inclusions do you need? What inclusions can be used?
    Locks of Hair: Hair can be any length, around 1-2 toothpicks wide. If the hair is very fine and separates easily you can bind it together with hair spray, gel or Vaseline and then place into the inclusion bag. ​ Breastmilk: The minimum amount to send is 10ml (approximately a tablespoon) but around an ounce is what we generally require. The milk can be from your old frozen stash or fresh. Please defrost the milk prior to packaging and posting through to us. It does not have to arrive completely fresh as it is not for consumption. As long as there is no visible mould your milk will be perfect for preservation. It can be any age from frozen. Once we’ve received the milk it then goes through a four-step preservation process and when it is fully preserved it is then added to the resin along with any other inclusions to be turned into your beautiful piece of jewellery. ​ Ashes: Please place a small amount (around a tea-spoon) into the small inclusion bag. The teaspoon included in your pack will hole the perfect amount. This does not have to be heaped. This will be more than enough to make 5-6 pieces of jewellery. Any ashes that are not used in the jewellery making process will be returned to you. ​ Flowers: Flowers or petals must be dried and pressed, Please put them in between some piece of kitchen roll or tissue paper and in a separate envelope to keep them flat. ​ Teeth: We can use any kind of tooth, from baby, puppy and even horse teeth. The tooth is broken down to put into your jewellery piece, but we do have some designs where the tooth can be kept whole if this is preferred. ​ Fabric Only a very small strip of fabric is needed, no more than 1"x1". Please don’t send the entire item. Place the small strip into the inclusion bag. ​ Pregnancy strips: Please remove the strip from its plastic casing and pop it into the inclusion bag. Only the section of the strip showing the result will be used. ​ Pet Fur: Fur can be any length, and from any animal. If it is particularly light and fine it may not be as visible as fur that is much darker and coarser, so please bear this in mind when choosing your colours. ​ Umbilical Cord: Please place approximately a 1cm piece of dried umbilical cord in the inclusion bag. ​ Soil/Earth/Sand: Please send approximately a teaspoon in the small inclusion bag. Dried Placenta: This should be in a capsule, one capsule will be enough for 5-6 pieces of jewellery. Embryos: We can encapsulate embryos either by cremating the straw and contents or by preserving the contents using our chemical preservation method which products a light powder that can be combined with a colour in any of our designs. We can work with as many straws as you have left or would like to use, Semen: We can preserve semen using our chemical preservation method. The resulting powder can be combined with any colour in any of our designs. One specimen is necessary. Blood: Blood should generally be left to dry and we will use small flakes of dried blood within your piece.
  • I don't know my ring size?
    A ring sizer is included in your pack and your ring will be made in whichever size you require. Your pack will include additional paperwork for you to return to inform us of the correct size. Please return the ring sizer to us!
  • Can I have more than one inclusion encapsulated within my piece?
    Yes, absolutely. If you would like to include multiple inclusions please select one from the drop down menu and then write a note at the checkout to inform us what you will be sending. We will then know to include the appropriate packaging in your inclusion pack. There is no additional charge for multiple inclusions.
  • Is it real silver/gold?
    Yes, we mostly work in 925 sterling silver, and your pieces will be marked as such. The only exceptions to this is our Steel Channel Ring which is 304 stainless steel, and pieces ordered from our Gold Collection which state which variety and carat of gold they are.
  • Shipping
    All packs are sent out to you 1st class through the Royal Mail. Inside your pack will be a returns label to cover tracked returned postage. Your finished pieces will be sent out using the Royal Mail 48hr Tracked service. There is no additional charge for these services. International shipping is also available although we cannot include a tracked returns label for your inclusions, so if you are ordering from outside of the UK you will have to pay additional postage to return your inclusions. Finished pieces will incur an import customs fee payable by the client. Store pickup is also available, if selected we do not send out inclusion packs, please get in touch to arrange dropping off your inclusions to the studio. We will be in touch to arrange collection of your completed items.
  • International Shipping
    Yes, we can ship internationally, however we apologise that we cannot provide return postage labels so international clients will have to pay for return postage.
  • Will I be able to see my Inclusions?
    We layer the inclusions so the ashes are as visible as possible against a background of colour. Ashes show well with most colour options. Cremation ashes are remarkably individual, some are fine and dark, others are coarser and lighter. If a person was heavily tattooed that can also change the colour of the ashes, please bear this in mind when ordering your inclusion piece as it may affect the finished result. Ashes of babies born sleeping or from a pregnancy loss are particulary fine and powdery, sometimes it is best to have these ashes encapsulated so they are not visible. If you would not like to see the ashes, but just have the comfort of knowing they are in your jewellery please ensure you let us know on the additional paperwork we send in your pack. The visibilty of hair or fur depends on a variety of factors including the colour of the hair/fur, it's porosity, the amount of melanin left in the hair and, of course, the background colour choice. We will always try to make the lock as visible as possible and advise what will work best. Some white hair can be nearly impossible to make visible. A good test is to saturate the lock with hairspray. The change that occurs will give a good indication of what will happen to the hair when we cast it in your inclusion stone. Unless you specifically request that we change the colour of your milk then any breastmilk jewellery will be your milk colour. Our preservation method does not change the colour of your milk.
  • What Colours are available for my inclusion stone?
    You can have your piece in any colour or combination of colours you would like. We have a separate page showing all of our popular colour options here. Please read through the tips on the colour page. If you are commissioning a breast milk piece to be made please choose from the options titled 'breast milk sparkle options only'. (Options A-E) or read through the tips on the colour page for some suggestions. If you are unsure which options to choose, please get in touch. You can request up to 3 colour samples to be made after placing your order. We will not make up colour samples of our standard options, but if you have a combination in mind that we haven't previously made then please feel free to request some samples to be made. If you have a specific colour in mind which you can't see as an option, please get in touch as we can often oblige. We love making custom pieces!!
  • Do you create custom pieces?
    If you have a vision for your perfect piece and cannot see something that is quite right from our collection, please get in touch as we would love to work with you to create a completely bespoke keepsake.​
  • What happens to my inclusions when you have finished?
    Any ashes that are not used to make your jewellery are returned with your finished piece. We store preserved breastmilk indefinitely, so if you would ever like to order another item using the same milk you can do, or if you lose or damage your piece we can use the same milk to remake and repair your piece. We always make a small sample up that we store alongside your milk to ensure the preservation has been succesful. We cannot return any preserved milk or samples to you at any point sadly.
  • Amendments to your order
    If you change your mind on colour, size or any other details please let us know as soon as possible. If your delivery address changes please send an email to us with your name and order number to
  • Quality
    We pride ourselves on the high quality of our work. We use strong precious metals and a high quality jewellery crystal resin to encapsulate your inclusions. We do issue full aftercare instructions to ensure your pieces remain beautiful and a timeless keepsake that you can pass down through generations. Please read our Aftercare prior to ordering so you are fully informed.
  • Can my jewellery be worn everyday?
    We highly recommend you should read our Aftercare prior to ordering. Some designs are suited to careful everyday wear, others are more suited to occasional wear or for special occasions. We are aware how sentimental these pieces are and have taken enourmous care to ensure you will have a lasting keepsake, but proper care needs to be taken to ensure longevity of your jewellery and aftercare instructions must be adhered to.
  • Engraving queries
    If a design can be engraved the option will be included. We offer in-house deep laser engraving on many of our pieces. We use a Times New Roman font for maximum legibility, although any font is possible. If you would like another font please specify in your notes. We can also engrave graphics such as hearts, butterflies, flowers etc. If you would like a graphic included please leave a note as you checkout. Rings are engraved inside the band unless you request otherwise.
  • Do you offer a maintenance service?
    Yes. All jewellery will need some maintenance within its lifetime and we are always happy to clean, polish, refresh and recoat inclusion stones. We can reset any lost pave stones and rhodium plate any white gold jewellery. We are always happy to help you keep your jewellery looking its best. Accidents can happen and if the worse has happened please get in touch and let us know and we will do our utmost to help. If your piece has been irreparably damaged and the setting needs to be completely replaced this will incur a small charge of £30. (Silver settings only - If your piece is made in gold we will need to discuss the cost of this with you) We will get in touch with you when your piece has been inspected to arrange this if necessary. If your Inclusion stone has been damaged beyond repair you may need to send in additional ashes or locks of hair. We store preserved breastmilk so there will be no need to send more milk in. Please use the below link to book a refurbishment in if you require this service.
  • What is Klarna?
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