Casting Process

& Prices

The casting process is in most cases quick and simple, most moulds take around 2 minutes to make (Mike does make it seem very easy!)

We have the Alginate at a warm temperature so its comfortable and doesn't come as a shock! Plenty of babies have slept through the entire process, for those that don't and enjoy a wriggle and a shout its over very quickly and they don't need to keep still.

Older children and adults are required to keep fairly still while the mould is being taken. Some of the more complex moulds can take longer to make.

Age is no issue, the youngest we have cast was just 4 days old, the oldest was 87. 

The woof is welcome to join in, however it helps if the dog is trained, and short haired breeds have better results. 


 For prices please click on the appropriate section if anything is not listed please get in touch. 

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