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Baby and childrens casting

We have cast many kids and most have enjoyed the process, or slept through completely, most parents are worried that their baby may get upset or wriggle too much, we promise you this is not an issue, the moulding material sets very quickly, so tears and tantrums only have to be endured for a moment before their hands/feet are removed.  Unsurprisingly most want another go!


Having made hundreds of casts, we have seen everything, there is nothing your little one can do that one of our own haven't done first; we have four- they have done everything! 


We can understand how expensive having little ones can be and have tried to keep the cost of the casts and low as possible, even if its a cast of their little foot, it can be treasured forever. 

Casts are priced according to age

  0-12 months £25 single cast mounted

                         £45 two casts mounted

                         £45 one cast framed

                         £55 one cast framed with picture

                         £65 two casts framed

                         £75 two casts framed with picture

                         £80 two casts framed (long Frame)

                                 with picture

                         £90 Love Frame

                        £100 Large name frame

12-24 months £30 single cast mounted

                         £55 two casts mounted

                         £50 one cast framed

                         £60 one cast framed with picture

                         £75 two casts framed

                         £85 two casts framed with picture

                         £90 two casts framed (long Frame)

                                 with picture

                        £100 Love Frame

                        £110 Large name frame

Older children are priced according to size, cast cost will vary between

£25 and £50 each

Sibling casts £60 mounted. 

At least one of the children needs to be school age                                                        follow instructions.  


3 sibling cast £90.00

Two of the children need to be School age and                                                              follow instructions


1 Adult and baby/child £80 

2 Adults and baby/child £120