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Below are your colour options suitable for:


Locks of hair/fur

Umbilical Cord


**Please scroll down to the bottom of this page for colour and sparkle option suitable for Breast Milk and Semen inclusions.**

Colour advice is listed further down if you are unsure about anything.

Leaf colour choices:

Suitable as a colour option for all inclusions. Multi-tonal iridescent flashes as the light catches it. 

Pearl colour options:

Sparkle colour options:

A subtle pearly shimmer, suitable for all inclusions.

A bright light-catching sparkly effect. Works well for all inclusions.

Jewel Ink colour options:

Shown with ashes in the below images. There is no option to have your inclusions hidden with these options as the jewel ink is a translucent option, meaning the light shines through. If being used with an item with a solid back the colour may appear darker than in these images. Can be combined with rainbow leaf. Suitable for all inclusions.