When you place your order please note both the number and name of the colour or colours you would like.

Custom colours and designs are also available.

Please tap or click on each image for a larger picture. The colour buttons picture are shown without inclusions and are to help give you an idea of the colour of your finished piece.

Iridescent Leaf Options:

Green Leaf
Purple Leaf
Pink Leaf
Sunshine Leaf
Light Blue Leaf
Rainbow Leaf
Sapphire Leaf
Holographic Silver
Ruby Leaf
Navy Leaf
Angel Leaf

Suitable as a colour option for all inclusions, flashes iridescent as the light catches. Can be used with ashes/hair/soil/teeth as a solid background colour or as a colour option with breastmilk jewellery pieces for a subtle all over colour or gathered together in one area of the stone for an intense pop of colour.

It can be combined with any of the pearl/sparkle or jewel colours but the more dominant colour will be the most visible.

Pearl Colours:

Less intense than sparkle options and more muted than iridescent leaf. Can be combined with the leaf options for a coloured opal effect and 30/iridescent sparkle can also be added if you would like to add a little extra sparkle. These can be used with  breastmilk inclusions but will completely alter the colour of your milk

Forest Pearl
Purple Pearl
Pale Pink Pearl
Red Pearl
Blue Pearl
Turquoise Pearl
Graphite Pearl
Black Pearl
White Pearl

Sparkle Colours:

A bright colour option that works well as a background colour with ashes/hair/teeth etc. If using one of these options with breastmilk it is best used lightly so the milk still shines through, or gathered in one section of the stone and faded out so the milk is still visible.

Shamrock Green Sparkle
Byzantium Purple Sparkle
Rose Pink Sparkle
Gold Sparkle
Crimson Red Sparkle
Cobalt Blue Sparkle
Sky Blue Sparkle
Platinum Sparkle
Silver Sparkle
Iridescent Sparkle
Lilac Sparkle
Tangerine Sparkle
Ice Blue Sparkle
Claret Sparkle

The image below shows our new jewel ink colours, which are a transluscent option, so only suitable for inclusion stones that are prong set. If you are unsure if your design is suitable for one of these colours please get in touch. They can be used by themselves or combined with rainbow leaf as shown in the bottom row.


Watch this video for a better idea of how the light makes the colours shine.

Breast-Milk Sparkle Options Only:

Any of these options can be used with breast-milk inclusions. They will not alter the natural colour of your milk but will add a little depth or shine. They can be used together, i.e breastmilk with pearl shimmer and opal flakes.

Pearl Shimmer
Opal Flakes
Silver Leaf
Gold Leaf
Iridescent Sparkle

This image shows our new UV Chromatic pigments. Add a little bit of alchemy to your breastmilk. Adding one of these 5 options will barely alter the colour of your milk unless you expose your stone to strong UV rays (i.e bright sunlight) Exposure to bright sunlight will change the colour of your stone to a stunning pastel hue. Choose from (left to right) 

V/ Purple UV

W/ Pink UV

X/ Blue UV

Y/ Yellow UV

Z/ Violet UV

The Uv chromatic pigments can be combined with any of the other breastmilk sparkle additions.

Please be sure to write in your colour selection text box that you would like a UV colour added.

Please note that the photochromatic change is a temporary chemical reaction and will become less noticeable over time.

This video shows our three most popular sparkle additions to include with your breast milk

Top left - Pearl Shimmer

Top Right - Opal Flakes

Bottom - Iridescent Sparkle