Colour Options for Ashes Jewellery

The pictures below show your inclusion jewellery colour options. This is the colour that will be layered within your stone, we usually layer the colour to the back of your inclusion stone ensuring maximum visibility for your precious inclusions. The cremation ashes will add a dappled effect which is visible on top of your chosen colour. If you would prefer not to see the ashes please let us know in the colour notes.

 Each of these colours can be used individually or combined, for example you can choose to have emerald pearl combined with iridescent sparkle or other combinations. If you are unsure on your colour choices, please get in touch and we will advise as best as possible.

Colour Options for Locks of Hair or Fur.

The visibility of the hair or fur is dependant of a variety of factors including the colour of the hair or fur, it's density, the amount of melanin left in the hair or fur and the background colour choice. For example soft white fur is very difficult to see no matter which colour you choose, and even dark locks of hair will be nearly invisible on a dark sparkle option.

We will always try our best to make the lock as visible as possible and advise what will work best. 

If you have enough hair or fur and would like a colour test button made to check for visibility please get in touch to organise this.

Colour Options for Breast-Milk Jewellery.

If you are choosing your sparkle options for breastmilk pieces, we have some popular sparkle additions listed at the bottom,(breast milk options a-e). These options will only add sparkle or shimmer without changing the colour of your milk.

You don't have to have anything added and can write in the colour notes 'Natural' when you place your order.

However, you can choose to add any option from our colour board. You can choose to have a pearlescent colour added to change the colour of your milk entirely, or add a sparkle or leaf option for a colour pop.


Colour Options for Fabric Inclusions

We usually advise that you don't add any colours or sparkles if you are having a piece with fabric included. The fabric and pattern will usually add enough colour, and adding any additional detracts from this.

General Colour Tips

Choose from the sparkle or pearlescent options for a brighter colour.

Iridescent leaf options are multi-tonal, they offer a lovely opal effect when combined with a pearlescent option, or or work wonderfully by themselves for a inclusion stone with a more subtle colour and depth.

Natural Gemstones aren't as bright as other options, pink quartz and amethyst are particularly less vibrant.

They are, however, real ethically sourced gemstones and give additional durability and strength. Some have meanings attached to them, although we aren't experts in these. We can include almost any natural gemstone, even if it isn't listed below.

When you place your order please note both the number and name of the colour or colours you would like.

Custom colours and designs are also available.

Please tap or click on each image for a larger picture, and watch the video of our colour board.

Colour board

Iridescent Leaf Options:

Green Leaf

Purple Iridescent leaf

Pink Iridescent Leaf

Sunshine Yellow

Blue Leaf

Rainbow Iridescent leaf

Pearl Colours:

Emerald Pearl

Purple Pearl

Pale Pink Pearl

Red Pearl

Blue Pearl

Turquoise Pearl

Platinum Pearl

Black Pearl

White Pearl

Sparkle Colours:

Green Sparkle

Purple Sparkle

Pink Sparkle

Gold Sparkle

Red Sparkle

Deep Blue Sparkle

Light Blue Sparkle

Platinum Sparkle

Silver Sparkle

Iridescent Sparkle

Natural Gemstone Colour Options:

Green Adventurine


Pink Quartz

Tiger's Eyes

Red Jasper

Lapis Lazuli


Snowflake Obsidian

Breast-Milk Sparkle Options Only:

Pearl Shimmer





This video shows our three most popular sparkle additions to include with your breast milk

Top left - Pearl Shimmer

Top Right - Opal Flakes

Bottom - Iridescent Sparkle

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