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These pictures show your inclusion jewellery colour options. This is the colour that will be layered within your stone, we usually layer the colour to the back of your inclusion stone ensuring maximum visibility for your precious inclusions. Each of these colours can be used individually or combined, for example you can choose to have emerald pearl combined with iridescent sparkle or other combinations. If you are unsure on your colour choices, please get in touch and we will advise as best as possible.

Please tap or click on each image for a larger picture, and watch the video of our colour board.

If you are choosing your sparkle options for breastmilk pieces, we have some popular sparkle additions listed at the bottom,(breast milk options a-e) but you can also have the colour of your milk changed with any of these colours if you prefer.

When you place your order please note both the number and name of the colour or colours you would like.

Custom colours and designs are also available.

Colour board