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Below are your colour options suitable for:

Resin Breastmilk Inclusion Stones


Breast Milk colour/sparkle options

Below are the colour and sparkle options suitable for breastmilk inclusions. Your breastmilk is put through a preservation process that retains it's original colour, the below examples show samples made with breast milk and are representative only.

You can also choose to change the colour of your milk entirely with one of our pearl colour options, or any of the leaf, sparkle or jewel inks can be used to add a splash of additional colour rather than an all-over colour change. 
Our full range of colours can be found HERE.

Colour additions:

If you would like to add colour to your milk you can use any of our leaf options mixed in with your inclusions or gathered together in an area of the stone as shown in the below examples.

You can also choose to add any of the pearl or sparkle options to your milk or semen which will completely change the colour.