Dog Paws

      We treat dogs exactly the same as the kids here at Cumbria Life Casting, they are more than welcome to join in with a cast or paw print for the jewellery.

The process is slightly different as they are obviously a bit more furry than the children, with dogs their paws are thoroughly lubricated with a mixture of olive oil and Vaseline, The moulding material can get stuck in the fur but will come out over the next couple of days. The shorter the fur of the dog the better the results. 

We price according to the size of the dog

Small dogs

£55 single cast mounted

£75 2 casts mounted

£75 one cast framed

£85 one cast framed with picture

£95 two casts framed

£105 two casts framed with picture 

Larger dogs

£65 single cast mounted

£85 two cast mounted

£85 one cast framed

£95 one cast framed with picture

£105 two casts framed

£115 two casts framed with picture

Owner Holding Paw