Pop-up Studio Information.

▪The pop-ups are run on a drop in basis, there is no need to book an appointment. 
The casting and prints take a few minutes to make, there is usually no longer than a five minute wait to be seen.

▪Casts and jewellery orders taken at the event will be delivered to your address by us in between 6-8 weeks. You will be notified by text before we deliver.

▪Most babies and children are happy to get the moulds made, we do have the mix warm, so its comfortable, however is your child does become upset don't worry it is a very quick process and nothing we haven't seen before. We generally have more trouble from the adults than children!

▪We have casts wrigglers, shouters and screamers, but eventually the adults calm down and we can make a mould of the little ones!

▪Payment options at the events are flexible, you can pay in full, half or as little as £10.00 on the day. The rest of the balance is due before delivery. Details will be given to you on a copy of your order. 

▪We accept cash or card on the day.

Prices for our most popular design options are:

▪Silver hand/foot/finger print jewellery;
£60.00 for one print & £70.00 for 2 prints

Inclusion Jewellery (ashes, breast milk, locks of hair or fur etc)
▪£45.00 for most designs £60.00 - £80.00 for sterling silver. 

▪We also make a few pieces in gold, white gold or rose-gold.

▪All of our pieces can be viewed and ordered online as well.

▪If you are bringing inclusions to the pop-up to place an order we generally need around a teaspoon of ash in a suitable container, an ounce of breastmilk, a couple of millimetres thick lock of hair or fur (one or two toothpicks). We can also cast baby teeth, soil, sand, dried flowers, umbilical cord and fabric in our jewellery or keepsake pieces.

▪Baba under 12 months £25.00 per cast (freestanding)
▪Baba 12-24 months £30 per cast 
▪Hand and foot framed under 12 months £65.00
▪Hand and foot framed under 12 months with picture £75.00
▪(please send pictures to the page rather than bringing them with you.)
▪Bespoke name or Love frame under 12 months £90.00

▪Sibling cast £60.00 (both children under 10, Freestanding)
▪Adult and child £80.00 (freestanding)
▪2 Adults and a baby £120.00 (freestanding)
▪2 Adults £100.00 (freestanding)
▪Paws £30.00 Freestanding

▪You can choose from oak, slate or stone bases which are included in the price as are all finishing colour options for the casts.

▪We are able to cast any age, moulds and materials are completely natural and skin safe.

▪If there is anything else you wish to know, please pop us a message through. Look forward to seeing you soon! ☺

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