Family Casts

Large or small having a cast made is a beautiful way to celebrate your family. Whether it's holding your little ones hand, or you holding your Mum's hand its a special way to capture a time together.

We have a number of options to accommodate any size family in a style to suit you.


Upright casts 

(mounted cost if framed add £60.00)

Adult and child £110 under 10

2 Adults and child £150 under 10

2 Adults £140

1 Adult 2 children under 10 £140

2 Adult 2 children £200

Wreath Casts 

( only suitable for school age children and above)

3 people £180

4 people £250

5 people £300

Flat Circle of hands 

3-5 people £180

6-8 people £220

(suitable for school age children, babies can be added for an additional cost)