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Cast in Glass

We've updated our collection to include our new Cast in Glass jewellery range.

We're immensely proud of these pieces and believe them to be the best and most beautiful at the most reasonable cost.

Although casting ashes and breastmilk in glass is not new we have worked incredibly hard to make your precious inclusion stones the best they can be. They are not simple glass cabochons set in a simple ring design, they are hand-facetted to sparkle and shine and truly celebrate the inclusions they encapsulate and set in stunning settings that you will be proud to wear.

What does 'Facetted' mean?

A glass cabochon is a smooth, rounded stone with no sparkle or lustre within.

Our faceted stones have faces cut into them at exacting angles designed to reflect light and shine like a standard gemstone or diamond.

This is the start of our journey offering you these stunning pieces, we plan to add more choice to our collection, update images and designs as well as offering a stunning range of colours for you to choose from.

Let us know your thoughts and leave any feedback.


Cumbria Life Casting

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