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Bead Cage


A beautiful little bead is enclosed safetly inside this sterling silver cage. Layered in the hand cast bead are your colour option and your loved ones ashes. 

Please select which cage you would like your pearl inside by choosing the corresponding letter.

As with all of our jewellery you can choose one individual colour or a combination. Please let us know which colours and/or sparkle you would like in the box below.

Cage Options
  • How long will it take?

    It usually takes us between 6-8 weeks to finish and return your piece from receiving your inclusions.

  • Do the pendants come on a chain?

    Yes, all pendants come on an 18 inch chain included in the price. Alternative types and lengths are available to purchase.

  • Is it silver?

    Yes, all are pieces are set in sterling silver, most are hallmarked. 

    If you are specifically looking for gold, rose-gold or other metals to be used, please contact us for more information and prices. 

  • Can I drop my inclusions off with you in person?

    Yes, you are more than welcome to drop your jewellery inclusions off at the studio in Carlisle, or bring them to one of of pop-up shops we hold regularly. Just leave us a note after you make your purchase.

  • Purchase Info

    Once you have completed your purchase an inclusion pack will be posted out containing everything you need to send the ashes through to our studio.

  • How much to send?

    We only need a very small amount of the ashes, anywhere between half to a teaspoon will be enough to make 2-3 pieces. Any of the ashes that are not used will be returned to you along with your jewellery.

  • I'm unsure on which colours I can have.

    You can have your piece in any colour or combination of colours you would like. We have three main options - opaque, sparkle and the irridescent leaf, all can be used individually or combined. 

    If you are unsure which options to choose, please get in touch and we will make up a free colour button for you. This is a small dot of resin with your chosen colours/sparkle/leaf. Just pop a message through to arrange this.

    If you have a specific colour in mind which you can't see as an option, please get in touch as we can often oblige. We love making custom pieces!!

  • Can this setting be used for a different inclusion

    Yes, we have worked with a number of inclusions that mean something special to our clients. 

    If you have ashes, breast milk, umbilical cord, teeth, dried flowers, fabric, soil/sand, pregnancy strips or anything else you wold like us to use to make a truly unique and special piece of jewellery, please just let us know.

    Most of our settings are interchangeable and so can be cast with differnt inclusions, and combinations of inclusions. We will make this piece as special as you want it to be. 

  • Do you engrave pieces?

    We can certainly organise certain pieces to be engraved with a special message or name if you require this service. There will be an additional charge of £25 for this, please get in touch as this will need to be added on to yor purchase seperately.

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