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About Us

Welcome and thankyou for learning more about us. We are Cumbria Life Casting, based in  sunny Silloth, on the west coast of Cumbria. Our studio is available to visit by appointment, its a nice drive through some beautiful countryside.

We are specialists in inclusion jewellery & art.

Incorporating ashes, breastmilk, hair & fur into beautiful pieces for you to treasure.



How it started

We originally began as a casting company, making copies of babies hands & feet, peoples faces, belly bumps, everything really. If you can think of a body part, we have cast it! Yes - plenty of both (we know what you're thinking!).

The natural progression to offer jewellery was the next step, we wanted to offer something different, jewellery that we would be happy to wear, sparkles and colours galore, and make use of our existing skills.

Our continued journey to offer new designs, materials and colours has taken its next step with the introduction of our European exclusive ashes & breastmilk jewellery cast in glass, then cut to look like a real gemstone.


A chat with the owner

A quick chat with Victoria, the owner and chief jewellery designer at Cumbria Life Casting

Have you always been interested in jewellery design?

I love jewellery in all its forms, from the market stall silver pieces to the high end designers, I love that the possibilities are endless. You can make anything you can imagine.

Where can you be found most days?

At my workbench! I spend the majority of my time, making beautiful jewellery for people, it brings me great joy to be able to capture a special memory for someone to keep for ever.

My spare time is spent looking for new designs, new creative ideas for the pieces we offer. I love sparkles, our collection has increased 10 fold since we started, Mike thinks I may have a problem!

What do you think makes Cumbria Life Casting unique?

The love that we put into the pieces, the business was never set up to be a money maker, we are not business people, I wouldn't know a spread sheet if it was put in front of me!

The entire idea was to be able to create stunning pieces of jewellery, that people could afford. Its my greatest pleasure to hear of the reaction a person has to receiving their special piece.

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