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Please complete the form below to organise your jewellery repair or refurbishment. 

We are happy to replace missing accent stones, refresh your inclusion stone or other minor repair work free of charge.

If your piece has been irreparably damaged and the setting needs to be completely replaced this will incur a small charge of £30. (Silver settings only - If your piece is made in gold we will need to discuss the cost of this with you)  We will get in touch with you when your piece has been inspected to arrange this if necessary.

If your Inclusion stone has been damaged beyond repair you may need to send in additional ashes or locks of hair. We store preserved breastmilk so there will be no need to send more milk in.

An email will follow this form, please check your 'Other' or 'Junk' folder if it doesn't show immediately. 

How can we help?

Please check your emails for details

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